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Q: What are your rates?

A: Rates are dependent on what services you require and how long the project takes to complete, as I usually bill by the hour. If you contact me with the details of your project I will respond with a quote.

Q: How long does recording / mixing / mastering take?

A: Every project is different and requires it's own amount of time to complete. It is fairly difficult to give a blind estimate as it depends on a number of factors. Send me details about your project and I can try to ballpark it!

Q: Will you travel, or do we have to come to you?

A: Though I prefer to work in my own studio, I will always consider travelling to record a client.

Q: Can we track with you and mix elsewhere? Or vice versa?

A: I am happy to be of service for any step of the process. If you'd like to do a portion of your recording with me and a portion elsewhere that is not a problem. 

Q: Can you edit / mix / master stuff tracked by someone else?

A: Absolutely!  

Q: Can you guarantee amazing results?

A: The only thing I can guarantee is that I will do the best I can with the time and budget that you have. The results are not solely dependent on the work that I do, but the time and effort that the artist puts in as well.

Q: Will you play on my recording?

A: I typically do not perform on recordings for artists that I don't usually play with, but I am open to the idea if appropriate.

Have Questions? Message me!

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