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Mike Bond



Mike Bond is a Producer / Engineer / Musician from Ottawa, Canada.

Producer / Engineer Mike Bond

Mike has been an active member of the Ottawa music scene since the mid ’90s as a producer, recording engineer, live sound technician and musician. His casual yet professional demeanor makes him a favorite among musicians of all genres, giving Mike experience with a wide variety of artists and musical styles. A background as a drummer, guitarist, bassist, song writer and band coach makes him a valuable asset to any recording or pre-production session, allowing Mike to connect with clients on multiple levels and provide advice and artistic input as needed.

Mike is currently Co-Owner / Chief Engineer of Wolf Lake Studios and owns mixing / mastering suite The Bond Cave. He is also a Professor for Algonquin College's Music Industry Arts program where he helps train the next generation of producers and recording engineers.


Mike offers a variety of services including Pre-Production, Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Audio Restoration, Analog to Digital Transfers, Performance Coaching, Live Sound and more. 


Track with high quality equipment in a comfortable yet professional atmosphere. 


Add the final polish to your mixes to make them sound their best and prepare them for CD, vinyl, cassette, download, and streaming. 


Get the right balance of all the elements and make your recording sound exactly as desired.


Guidance and artistic input from start to finish. Work with Mike on everything from tempo and arrangements to effects and instrumentation.

Please contact Mike for information on additional services.




Contact Mike for rates, availability, studio tours, or any other info.


Please include as many details about your project as possible.

Thanks! Message sent.



"If you've worked with Mike, then you're already familiar with the level of professionalism, musical knowledge and technical expertise that makes his involvement at any stage of the recording process for your project a major asset. If you're unfamiliar with Mike and Wolf Lake Studios and find yourself perusing this page, what you should know is that any recording work with Mike is a comfortable and enjoyable experience. He's both an extremely competent translator of your musical vision, but can contribute thoughtful ideas and creative solutions as well. Finally, the guy has a unparalleled work ethic - you'd be hard-pressed to find a engineer/producer who's as dedicated to getting something accomplished to a high level of quality as Mike."

- Johnny O

Big Dick, Warp Lines, Steve Adamyk Band

"Mike is a pro in every sense of the word. My band has recorded two albums with him in the past 3 years and I have nothing but great things to say about his abilities as a producer and engineer. He is easy to work with, provides invaluable insights into tones and arrangements, and his attention to detail is second to none. Bottom line is working with Mike has made me a better musician and I will absolutely be working with him again in the near future."

- Marc Casy


"Mike is at the top of his game in the city of Ottawa. You’d be hard pressed to find a more versatile, professional and affordable engineer in town."

- Steve Adamyk

Steve Adamyk Band

"Mike is an incredibly talented engineer and producer, with a really great ear. He's very focused, detail oriented, and works quickly and efficiently to dial in tones - which allows you to just focus on playing your parts.

He's also a highly skilled editor, and mixer - and is able to take direction and make adjustments on the fly. He's very easy to work with, and will literally sleep under the mixing desk to get a project done on time."

- Jordy Bell

Crusades, The Creeps

Mike took us through the perfect process to record our album! He put in the time ahead of our sessions to make sure everything would go smoothly making our time in the studio feel comfortable and effortless. He was also always happy to jump in with advice or ideas when we needed guidance and was just an awesome presence to have in the room when creating an album. Stoked to get back in the studio with him!

- Andrew Robillard

No Mistakes in Space

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